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Experience Stellaris Elite—where real-time responsiveness enables exceptional control.

With its exclusive combination of leading-edge technologies—including the groundbreaking Vitesse hypersonic vitrectomy system—the Stellaris Elite system is optimized to deliver precise control and extraordinary efficiency for retina procedures.

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EFFICIENT vitreous removal—DONE YOUR WAY

With a variety of cutting options, Stellaris Elite is built to adapt to a wide range of procedural needs.

Single-port cutters

  • 20g, 23g, and 25g versatility
  • 7,500 cpm for efficient vitreous removal

Bi-Blade vitrectomy cutter

  • 25g and 27g with an effective cut rate up to 15,000 cpm
  • Dual-port design, for consistent flow rate
  • Cuts in two directions per cycle, doubling the effective cut rate and reducing retinal traction

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Stellaris Elite offers a dedicated combination of light source, fiber optics, and light filtering technologies. Collectively, they enable outstanding visualization, differentiated viewing options, and exacting surgical control.

Exceptional Illumination

Bright xenon light was designed specifically for small-gauge vitrectomy

Supports fiber optic add-ons as small as 29g

Numerous specialized illumination options

  • Chandeliers
  • Illuminated instruments
  • Illuminated laser probes

Differentiated Viewing

Proprietary color filters deliver distinct clinical advantages over systems without filters

  • Yellow & Green—Filters out potentially damaging blue light
  • Green—Highlights structural details
  • Amber—Minimizes glare

Filters may be used as an augmentation or an alternative to intraoperative dyes

Expanded Access

A comprehensive portfolio of high-performance laser probes enables exceptional access and surgical efficiency

Patented illuminated directional laser probes feature a fixed fiber with a moving shaft, for exclusive 90-degree curve actuation

  • Delivers midfield light patterns
  • Provides access to the far periphery
  • Enables unassisted scleral depression

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Exclusive to Stellaris Elite, the Vitesse hypersonic vitrectomy system represents a revolutionary approach to vitreous removal. Using powerful hypersonic technology, it liquefies vitreous for a new level of surgical control and precision.


  • Hypersonic technology creates a highly-localized tissue liquefaction zone, at the edge of the port, for exceptional control during tissue removal.
  • OpenPort design is 100% open 100% of the time, for consistent flow
  • Unique single-lumen design provides completely unobstructed aspiration

HYPERSONIC liquefaction

Compared to traditional pneumatic cutters that aspirate first and then shear vitreous, Vitesse with hypersonic technology liquefies and aspirates tissue at the edge of the port.

Electron Microscopy

Hypersonic liquefaction results in significantly smaller fibril fragments than traditional pneumatic cutters


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